Spring cleaning services Melbourne

Spring cleaning services Melbourne

Spring cleaning services Melbourne

RF Cleaners is ready to serve you without taking into account the season. Your house is worth of getting spring clean at times irrespective of the season. Spring clean is an approach to clean your entire house thoroughly in the springtime. It is been observed that since 2011, National Spring Cleaning Week is cheering citizens to have a systematic spring clean of their houses.

But… But… But… Cleaning house is not that easy as it sounds. We understand your problem well that even a thought of pulling your bed and cleaning it thoroughly will shake you up then leave the rest of the house. We are here to find the underlying cause of all your troubles related to house cleaning Melbourne. You have to just set back with a cup of coffee in hand and leave all the hard work for us. Our world class specialist cleaners are capable of cleaning and offering the customized services as per the needs of the customers.

Home spring cleaning services Melbourne

Our house spring cleaning services Melbourne include dusting of all the flat surfaces as well as vacuuming the entire surface. We have high power vacuuming tools that clear the surface by removing the tiniest of the tiny articles from the surface. With our special gadgets of cleaning, we not only focus on vacuuming the surface but also mopping of hard surface in incorporated. These floor-cleaning services are embraced by our house cleaning services Melbourne. However, the services of our company can be chosen by the customer and can be customized.

Apart from surfaces, all the power points and light switches are targeted and cleaned. It is to a certain extent dangerous to clean the power points and light switches as you may get an electric shock if you are not performing cautiously and vigilantly. Our team is expert in cleaning the power points and light switches as we have team of expertise professionals and sufficient tools to execute the cleaning process.

The team is experienced in cleaning the spots on the walls with specialized tools and chemicals without destroying the paint of walls. Your entire house does not look renovated until and unless the walls and doors of the house are cleaned. Our team is expert removing the spot from the walls magically and it also clean the door frames as well as solid doors.

The company also confers the facility of cleaning the security doors, as they require little more suspicion while cleaning as compares to the rest of cleaning process.

The spring clean also includes the service of cleaning the cupboards and drawers from inside as well as from outside. It sounds easy to clean the cupboard but when you do, it makes you feel hell. We take the responsibility to clean and arrange the things of cupboard and the outer surface of the cupboard is also cleaned with special chemical.

The house cleaning services Melbourne also embraces cleaning of ceiling fans, light fittings, venetian and vertical blinds. Team also takes the responsibility to remove the cobwebs from corner to corner.

The most difficult part of cleaning is clean-up of the heating units and the air conditioner exteriors but we perform this without any damage. We also cover all the other things like, sinks, taps, drains, exhaust fans, splash backs, all the bench tops, rubbish bins and mirrors.

The most demanding part of the house for cleaning are toilets and all the toilets, bath(s), showers are also cleaned by showing 100 percent positive results.

The kitchen section of house is cleaned as well by cleaning the stove top ovens from inside and outside as well as kitchen range hood.

You can grab one single service as well as complete package of service as per the requirement. Customers can customize the package of the services as per the need and requirement.

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