Best Carpet steam cleaning Services in Melbourne

Rf Cleaners has introduce its Carpet steam cleaning with black gold. We not only adore carpet cleaning but we also adore our home planet earth so we use biodegradable cleaning agents. You will surely feel the difference when you try it. We are the best steam cleaners.

Carpet steam cleaning

Before the cleaning…

What you can do to help us:

  • Please ensure that you have vacuumed the carpet fully.
  • Get rid of all the decorative furniture plants, vases, etc.
  • we won’t remove heavy or fixed furniture but we clean thoroughly around it.
  • if your curtains touch the floor please lift them up.
  • if you’ve called u for end of lease cleaning please be sure that the water connection preferably hot and electricity are connected.

Melbourne carpet steam cleaning and Dry Carpet Cleaning

After arriving our cleaner will see your carpet and see what can be done and how it will be done. He will ask you about the stains and give you a clear picture of what we will do and what will be the expected results. The type of carpet and its condition matter a lot.

Steam cleaning process will begin with a spray of water on all the carpet followed by the removal of the stains and after that the steam cleaner process incl
udes the hot water machine to intense clean the carpet. After the cleaning deodorizing of carpet is included.

Carpet steam cleaning

If the carpet was very dirty i.e. it had dirt in fiber we add extra proceCarpet steam cleaning in Melbournesses to clean the carpet. Which will cost extra and it is followed by the combing of carpet afterwards. The cleaned carpet will take about 4-6 to fully dry however you can walk on the carpet with clean shoes but be careful because there is a chance you might slip. And to prevent your carpet from further damage and for good cleaning use our steam mop or steam cleaner it keep your carpet clean and stain free (if used on the right time).

If you have any issues or queries regarding our work style or you want to ask any questions, please feel free to contact us on the given numbers or email us we our more than happy to help.

Word from our customers

Your cleaning job is superb, my carpet has a new life. All my colleges asked if I bought a new carpet to which I happily replied no. Luca Manfay (Melbourne)

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