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Ready to move? Need Bond Cleaning Services ? I hope the answer is yes, you have packed all the necessary items with all but now you have a whole lot of new worries. Will the real estate agent be satisfied with your cleaning job? Will you get all your bond Cleaning money back? The answer again is yes! But it comes with a condition that is you have us on your team.

bond Cleaning

Don’t worry about the cleaning job of your house leave it to us. Just think about the party you are going to throw at your new home invite all your friends have a good time.

With our help you’ll get your bond back. We have expert and insured cleaner that will make your house look as new as first move in, maybe even better. Will we make sure that you get your full bond back. If not we will clean the house again free of charge.

In the hectic day to day routine we don’t pay attention to the corners and bends of the house. Which will leave the place dirty once you pack your things. Moreover shifting to new place is already a tough task so we don’t want you to worry about cleaning in Melbourne as well. We will clean your house according to you and your real estate agent’s standard so you don’t have any complains.

And if you are the landlord and you want to sell your house a neat and clean house will impress the buyer more than anything else. As we have mentioned before we want you to think about your future rather than dwell on the tension that you have to clean a house in order to get your money back. We want you to be happy, your old house to be cleaned and your wallet filled with the bond money. So what do you think about our plan?

If you like the idea then please look at the services we provide:

Best Bond Cleaning in Melbourne

    • Thorough cleaning of each room
    • Cleaning walls, window sills, and skirting boards
    • Internal windows and external first floor windows cleaned
    • Scrubbing drawers and cupboards
    • Oven and range hood cleaning
    • Cleaning and disinfecting bathrooms, including showers, toilets, and fixtures
    • Mirrors cleaned and shined
    • Vacuuming and mopping
    • Cleaning all light fixtures
    • Cobweb removal
    • Mark removal from walls
    • Appliances cleaned
    • Sinks disinfected and cleaned
    • Carpets vacuumed
    • Wood, vinyl, and tile floors mopped and dried
    • Balcony swept
    • Other general cleaning tasks

The thing to be happy about is that you don’t even have to move a finger all the work will be done by us and all you have to do is just approve. We have our own equipment with our own cleaning

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